Oceania MathsJam Gathering

October 7th - 9th, 2022 | Spencer Park, Christchurch, NZ

Places are limited to 50 attendees, register now for the 2022 Oceania MathsJam Gathering to secure your place! If you have any questions email us at nzgathering@mathsjam.

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Oceania MathsJam Gathering (OMG for short) is an annual weekend get-together for like-minded maths enthusiasts to discuss interests, share maths puzzles, games, insights, ideas, network and generally have fun in a relaxed atmosphere. We welcome all abilities and backgrounds, regular MathsJam attendees, teachers, recreational puzzlers, and professionals. In short, anyone who enjoys maths! It’s also a good professional development opportunity for teachers.

At the gathering, attendees are invited to give an informal 5 minute talk about an area of interest. These are given in scheduled blocks over the weekend, interspersed with activities, and opportunities to share (maths, crafts, hobbies, games, curios areas of interest) in a more social setting. The gathering also features a keynote talk. Check out the programme for this year's, or see our archives from previous years to get an idea of what we get up to.

This MathsJam annual gathering is held in Oceania, and is the closest annual gathering for New Zealanders, Australians and most others in the Southern Hemisphere. MathsJam annual gathering aka “Big MathsJam” is also held in the UK, in November.

Frequently Answered Questions

Who’s OMG for?

We welcome maths enthusiasts of all abilities and backgrounds: regular MathsJam attendees, teachers, recreational puzzlers, and professionals. In short, anyone who enjoys maths!

I’m a teacher, can OMG count as a PD opportunity?

We think MathsJam is an ideal professional development opportunity for teachers. If required, we can offer a certificate of attendance. Find out more and make the case to your principal.

When/where is OMG held?

The Gathering will be held over the weekend of Friday 7th - Sunday 9th October. Our venue is the Koru Lodge at Spencer Beach Holiday Park, just north of Christchurch, New Zealand.

How much does it cost to attend OMG?

The base registration will cost $80 for the weekend. This includes catering for the duration of the event.

Due to our venue package, an additional $10 will include our basic shared accommodation option, covering your stay in the lodge's shared bunkrooms with other OMG attendees on the Friday and/or Saturday nights. More details...

If you are flying or busing in to Christchurch for the event, we will have an option to pick you up from the airport or bus station for a $5 petrol donation. More details...

What if the event is cancelled or I'm unable to attend?

Please refer to our refund policy for all the details.

More Questions?

If you have any further questions we'd love to hear from you. Email us at nzgathering@mathsjam.com .