Things to Bring

We’ll be running some activities and competitions over the course of the weekend that you may like to participate in.

The Great Mathematical Bake-Off

Bring a mathematically themed baked goodie, to be judged and shared on Saturday evening. A menger sponge, a Jam pi? Your imagination is the only limit! Take a look at archives from past years for ideas.

Any food not required for judging purposes will be distributed among the MathsJam gathering attendees, so please bring details of any allergens or other ingredients your entry contains so they can be labelled.

Competition Competition

The “competition competition.” Your opportunity to design a competition/puzzle for the other attendees to enter over the course of the weekend. The competition with the most entries wins. You will need to bring:

As with all competitions, when you submit your entry, you should inform one of the MathsJam organisers so we can mark down who submitted what. However, please leave your Competition Competition entry anonymous.

There will be three prizes for the Competition Competition entries.

Sunday Tables and Display

Sunday Tables is an opportunity to share a mathematical thing you like, whether that be playing a game of set, to teaching someone how to crochet a hyperbolic plane, staging a dialogue from Gödel, Escher, Bach. You may also want to share maths crafts, games, puzzles or models.

There is also an opportunity to display images, diagrams or written information, such as a cool proof, article or problem.

Board Games

We’ll have social time in the “After Math” of Friday and Saturday evenings. You may wish to bring a favourite board or card game to play with other keen gamers.

Other Equipment

When we do maths, sometimes we need props. Here’s a suggested list of things that may come in handy over the course of the weekend: