Professional Development

MathsJam is ideal professional development for teachers.

What are the benefits for teachers?

MathsJam is an opportunity to do some Mathematics for yourself! Art teachers usually do some sort of art, Music teachers play an instrument, this is a chance for Maths teachers to do some maths, in an informal atmosphere.

If you are interested in introducing problem solving methods into your classroom, looking to use Low Threshold/High Ceiling Tasks, trying to find materials to motivate, or materials to challenge your most able students, then this is the place for you! Most of all, if you want to network with the wider mathematical community, beyond education, then this will be a valuable experience for you.

How we can help

Given that these are quite direct benefits, it should be possible for you to apply for funding to attend from your school. You will need to talk to your PD coordinator. For those who require, we can provide a Certificate of Attendance, and if you need to report back to your department (you’ll have plenty of ideas to share anyway!), there will be a report of the 'Jam archived on our website following the gathering.

If you need a Certificate of Attendance, simply select the relevant checkbox upon registration.