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To be able to come to the Oceania MathsJam Gathering, we need to know your e-mail address, your full name and your contact phone number. Other than that everything else is optional. However it is highly recommended that you inform us about any dietary requirements you may have.

Your information, which you choose to share with us through this website, will not be disclosed to third-parties unless such a decision is beyond the powers of the Oceania MathsJam organizers. This can occur in scenarios including, but not limited to, request from authorities as part of an investigation, court rulings etc. Bottom line is, we will never knowingly give your information to advertising agents and the like.

A Note on Cookies

This website will not load third-party cookies into your browser, if for some reason we can't avoid it (for example embedding a YouTube video) we will notify you before loading the content into your browser. The only cookies we use on this site are for authentication purposes and registration related functionality.